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The following procedure will guide you through the process of accepting a calendar that was previous shared with you. Once accepted, the calendar will appear within your existing list of viewable calendar.



Email Plan


Web Interface



  1. Login to

    Enhanced Planhttps://mail.bbits.caProfessional Plan



    Login using  using your email username and password.


  2. Select Preferences from the top bar.

  3. Within Preferences, select Sharing from the left-hand side bar.

  4. If the calendar was shared via a distribution list, the calendar will be available for acceptance without any further steps as shown below.

    If however the calendar was not shared via a distribution list, a quick search is required to reveal the share. To do so, select Show folders shared with me by the following user: and enter the email address of the user who has shared a calendar with you. Once enter, select Find Shares.

    The shared calendars of the searched user will now be listed below.
  5. Once the share has been located, select Accept to enable viewing of this shared calendar.

  6. A popup will appear requesting the name and colour you wish the for calendar to be. Select your preferences and click Yes.

  7. The calendar will now appear within Zimbra under the Calendar tab. If using Outlook with Zimbra's Outlook Zimbra Connector, restart Outlook to have the calendar automatically appear.