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  1. Click on the Virtualmin tab, Select the virtual server/domain from the drop-down that you want to enable SSL on, and then Click on Edit Virtual Server
  2. Click on Enable Features to expand the options list and check the box for SSL website enabled? Click Save Virtual Server once completed.
  3. Click Server Configuration, then click Manage SSL Certificate, and finally click the Let's Encrypt tab.
  4. Under the Request certificate for section, click the radio button beside Domain names listed here. Enter in the root domain, and the www domain separated by a new line.
  5. Ensure that the radio button is selected for auto renewal of the certificate. It should default to 2 months. This can be changed to renew more frequently, but 2 months is adequate.
  6. Click on Request Certificate, and after a short time, it will install the certificates onto the site. Note that this will not automatically force traffic over to SSL, that will need to be done separately.
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