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  1. Login to using your email username and password.

  2. After successfully logging in, select Preferences from the top bar.


  3.  Within Preferences, select Out Of Office from the left-band side bar.

  4.  You should now be presented with the following options:

  5.  To setup an Out Of Office reply, select the Send auto-reply message radio button. Next, within the Auto-Reply Message field, type in the message you wish for senders to receive while you are away.


  6. With your message ready, select your desired time period. Use a builtin calendar via the drop-down arrows to make selecting your dates easier.

    If you wish for individuals who are outside of your domain to receive a different message, check Send different auto-reply message to external senders and place your message within the provided field below.

  7.  With everything setup, select Save in the top left hand corner of your web browser for the Out Of Office reply to take effect.

  8.  Thats it! To test, send yourself an email message:

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